Your Journey Starts Here

Where and how you spend your law school summers can have a big impact on your legal career. If you are looking for a firm that values academic excellence, leadership, curiosity, and innovation consider DWT. As a summer associate, you’ll experience diversity in your work and engage in stimulating assignments. Your mentors will be industry leaders who are invested in your growth and success. The Summer Associates Program is rich with activities and trainings designed to integrate you into the fabric of the firm.

On-Campus Interviews

Our attorneys travel to several campuses every year, searching for passionate and team-oriented Summer Associates. Please check out our FAQs for more information about our hiring process. If we are not on your campus, please apply directly on our website. We will begin accepting applications for the 2020 Summer Associate program on June 1st.

On-Campus Interview Schedule

  • Seattle University School of Law – 08.06.19
  • University of Washington School of Law – 08.07.19 (for PDX & SEA)
  • Lewis & Clark Law School – 08.14.19
  • University of Oregon School of Law – 08.15.19
  • Willamette University College of Law – 08.20.19

Job fairs

  • NBLSA Western Region Job Fair – 08.03.19
  • Lavender Law Fair – 08.09.19
  • Northwest Minority Job Fair – 08.17.19

To Apply

We only accept applications online, and our application site will be open from June 1 to August 16 (click here to apply).

To ensure you have a complete application packet, we ask that you include the following information:

  • Cover letter
  • Current resume
  • Copy of your law transcript (unofficial is fine)
  • Copy of your complete undergraduate transcript (unofficial is fine)
  • List of three references, one of whom should be a person qualified to comment on your law school work.
  • Writing sample, unedited by a third party (5-10 pages)

If you are in town, please mention it to us in your cover letter!

1L Scholarships

1L Diversity Scholarship

Our 1L Diversity Scholarship Program is one significant way to help us advance diversity in the legal profession. We are offering five scholarships in the following offices in 2020: New York (1), Portland (1), Los Angeles (1), Seattle (1), and Washington, D.C. (1). As a 1L Diversity Scholarship recipient, you will receive a paid position in our Summer Associate Program and $15,000 for your second year tuition and expenses.

Our online application site for the 1L Diversity Scholarships opens December 1, 2019, and your application must be received by 11:59pm PST on January 5, 2020 to be considered. To apply, you must submit your documents online via our application site (we will not accept applications via email). Please see more details about our scholarships below.

1L Diversity Scholarship

The Diversity Scholarships are open to all 1L’s of color, or others of diverse backgrounds, who have the following:

  • A record of academic achievement in undergraduate school and the first year of law school that demonstrates promise for a successful career in law
  • A commitment to civil involvement that promotes diversity and will continue that commitment upon entering the legal profession
  • A commitment to practicing law in the Pacific Northwest after law school (For the Seattle and Portland offices only)

Although demonstrated need may be taken into account, applicants need not disclose their financial circumstances.


Our online application site will open on December 1st, 2019, and your application must be received by 11:59 on January 5th, 2020 PST.

  • Current resume
  • Cover letter (indicate which office you are applying for and your connection to the Pacific Northwest for Seattle and Portland applications)
  • One-page personal statement indicating your eligibility for the scholarship and if you are applying to the Seattle or Portland office, then your connection to the Pacific Northwest. (If you are an out-of-area applicant and you will be in town during the application window, please indicate those dates in your statement or cover letter.)
  • Copy of your complete undergraduate transcript
  • Copy of your grades from the first semester of law school (if your law transcript is not available at the time you apply, you will receive a follow-up email by mid-January with a link and instructions on how to submit it online. An unofficial copy is acceptable.)
  • Legal writing sample un-edited by a third party
  • List of three references, one of whom should be a person qualified to comment on your law school work


Our online application site will open on December 1, 2018, and your application must be received by 11:59 PM on January 2, 2019 PST. Per NALP guidelines, we are unable to interview first-year law students prior to December 1. We will only accept applications online. Application materials required:

  • Current resume
  • Cover letter (please indicate your connection to the Pacific Northwest)
  • Copy of your unofficial undergraduate transcript
  • Copy of your grades from the first semester of law school (if your law transcript is not available at the time you apply, you will receive a follow-up email by mid-January with a link and instructions on how to submit it online. An unofficial copy is acceptable.)
  • Legal writing sample unedited by a third party
  • List of three references, one of whom should be a person qualified to comment on your law school work or technical expertise

1L Receptions

  • Willamette University 1L Diversity Fair - 11.14.19
  • University of Oregon 1L Diversity Fair - 11.14.19
  • DC Diversity Consortium – TBD
  • NYU Diversity Forum – TBD
  • Columbia Law Firm Diversity Expo - 11.06.19
  • University of Washington 1L Diversity Fair - 11.14.19
  • Lewis & Clark 1L Diversity Fair - 11.12.19
  • Seattle University 1L Diversity Fair - 11.06.19
  • Gonzaga Diversity Fellowship Talk – 11.12.19

Summer Associate FAQ

When and how do I apply for a summer associate position?
We recruit 1L’s starting in December for our 1L Diversity Scholarship, and we begin to accept applications for 2L’s in June. We participate in on-campus interviews, but aren’t able to visit to every law school. If DWT seems to be a good fit for you, we encourage you to apply online (please do not email us your application). Typically half of our summer class is made up of students who have sought us out directly. Please make sure your contact information is current and that your voicemail can receive messages.
For the Diversity Scholarship, what are you looking for in my personal essay?
We want to learn more about you, so be open and tell us part of your life story. Some suggestions might include: How did you get here? What have you overcome? What is it about diversity that drives you? How might you contribute to our community in the future? What would you like us to know about you that is not in your resume?
Your personal statement should be no more than one page, single-spaced, and 12-point font. Please include your name but do not address your personal statement to anyone.
Which offices participate in the summer associate programs?
Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; and Los Angeles, CA hire 2L Summer Associates. New York and Washington, D.C. only hire through the 1L Diversity Scholarship program.
How does the interview process work?
  • Initial: A candidate will meet with one or two people and the meeting will take up to an hour. Unless you are local or we are meeting you on campus, these will be conducted by video.
  • Callbacks: These take place in our office and usually involve meeting 6-8 people. They might include lunch or coffee and can last up to 4 hours. The lunch or coffee interviews allow the candidates an opportunity to spend quality time with DWT attorneys. You do not need to bring your resume with you when you interview with us, though some candidates do.
What should I wear?
The dress code for interviews is business professional. Once you are a summer associate, we adhere to business casual. We encourage you, however, always to have a suit jacket in your office in case you are invited to a client meeting or court hearing.
How long will it be before I hear from DWT?
The Hiring Committee makes every effort to contact candidates soon after the callback interview. This committee meets on a regular basis during fall recruiting, but because we have so many applicants, the wait time can be a couple of weeks during the high season. If you have come in for callback interviews, we welcome periodic check-ins on the status of your candidacy.
What expenses will the firm reimburse?
Our recruiters will coordinate your trip with our travel desk and will provide information about our travel reimbursement policies. Additionally, we ask that anyone who travels to our office for interviews complete a travel expense reimbursement form.
What is the length of the summer program?
10 weeks and runs from June to August. We coordinate with the class to determine exact dates.
Can I split my summer with another firm?
In order to give you the best possible chance at an offer, we do not recommend splitting your summer with another firm.
What kind of work will I get?
If the work is there and you want to try it, it’s yours! We do not have a rotation so you are able to take any work that is available from any group. We pride ourselves on offering you with opportunities that give you a real glimpse of what it is like to practice at DWT. Some summer associates have assisted with trial prep, attended client meetings, worked directly with partners, attended depositions, etc. We also encourage summer associates to work on pro bono projects, which often results in direct client contact and courtroom experience.
What kind of training will there be?
Impactful! You will gain exposure to each practice group, attend litigation writing and transactional drafting seminars in addition to having access to a writing advisor and your mentors. Additionally, summer associates are invited to attend various training programs delivered by our Professional Development department as well as training and meetings hosted by practice groups. And of course, you will also learn a great deal of on-the-job training by collaborating in small client teams doing real work and getting real feedback.
Will I have a mentor, secretary and an office?
Though offices can vary slightly, most provide an associate and partner mentor for you over the summer as well as an assistant. You will also be assigned an office, though some of our locations are nearing capacity, so we ask for your flexibility. Growth is a good problem to have!
What kind of summer associate events do you offer?
Social events vary by office, but a few events from last year include: sailing, baseball games, partner dinners, Puzzle Escape, Brew Cycle, karaoke, concerts, happy hours, a cooking party, and lots of coffee dates!
The highlight of the summer is the three-day Summer Associate Retreat. Each year we bring all of our summer associates from across the firm to the Seattle office for a day of training and networking with their colleagues. After that, we head to a beautiful resort to socialize and get to know more attorneys from the firm in a fun, relaxing environment.
Who are we looking for?
We value and expect top-notch writing and academic excellence, but know that true success is determined by personal characteristics that cannot be taught. We want the right person. Someone who contributes to our increasingly diverse, friendly and hard-working culture – someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but who will do what it takes to put forth their best work. Someone who can get back up again and who will accept the help of a colleague and offer help in return. We want people who will be active in our communities, both inside and outside of the firm. Our culture is special, and we think it’s worth finding the right person for.
Who can I contact with additional questions?
Please contact Brook Dormaier, Law Student Recruiting Manager, at or 206.757.8761.